It Seems Temmie Ovwasa (YBNLPrincess) Is No Longer With YBNL Nation – Currently Suffering From Bi-polar Disorder (See This)

Temmie Ovwasa also referred to as YBNL Princess, is a Nigerian artist who was discovered by Nigerian rapper, Olamide, after she posted some samples of her songs that she recorded on social media.

Temmie was the first female artist signed into YNBL Record by Olamide.

On a Q&A section on her Instagram story, she said a whole lot of things that got me wondering if she’s still with YBNL Records. Because from the way she sounds, it seems she is not even in a good terms with Olamide anymore.

She also said she’s suffering from bi-polar disorder. That she’s a lesbian as well.?

When asked if she is still in YBNL Records and if her current album was recorded their, she said NO.

See Her Responses Below ?

Hmmm..from all indication, she’s definitely not in good term with Olamide. There’s a problem in YBNL camp.?

Does Her Responses Signify That She’s No Longer With YBNL Record or Having Issues With Olamide?

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