When we first start, we start with a lot of sweet words because we dream together, reasons together, plans together, I believe we both share the same feelings, one HEART.
Omo! I am sad! you dump me all of a sudden. Unexpected! After you promised Heaven and Earth, I don’t know you are such a wicked being, babe what’s wrong with you. Talk to me!!! Afterall am yours, you are mine, that’s why I don’t hide my feelings.

………that’s the summary of my last text to him, Niyi left me all alone and I am sad!!!
I don’t know any of his relatives, that’s why I don’t bother to find him though I am sad, I am just sad.
Niyi is one of the corps members that serves in our village, he is brilliant, handsome. I think he’s gifted with all the features I am looking for. A man of integrity, but he didn’t act like one this time around.

Our first Meeting.

We met at the Annual Festival in my village, i think that’s the day of his first arrival also, he looks giant like I said earlier, handsome with a little bit of integrity. We suddenly ran into each other and his bag fell and I quickly ran to help pick it up, he quickly bent down and held my hands and said; “you don’t need to bother yourself angel” I felt differently, as if the voice sounded romantic, I apologised immediately knowing fully am the one at fault, and he accepted.
He looked straight into my eye, for the first time I felt something different. As if we met on purpose, I tried to compose myself like nothing happened and I went my way. I informed my friends about what happened. We all gist about it and laugh it out.

…… be continued in the next episode.

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