Keke Napep Spotted in London

Nigerians react when Keke Napep was Spotted In London

A Nigerian man is amazed by the presence of a tricycle, commonly known in Nigeria as Keke Napep, in the United Kingdom.

On Twitter, the man identified with the Twitter @ramb0__ shared a photo of the Keke riding through a road in London.

Most interesting, massive reactions were evoked online as the tricycle he spotted had the same color with the ones in Nigerian states.

Keke Napep Spotted in LOndon

@FredMbeke on Facebook wrote: “This is Nigerians’ quarter in London and if u watch very well u will notice the area is in blackout, with no street light and no traffic light.”

A Twitter user @Henrix claimed it isn’t a new thing to find a Keke in London. According to him, the tricycle was introduced in the UK to solve transportation problem.

Keke Napep Spotted in London

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